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Sensoji, the oldest buddist temple in Tokyo, was established in 628. The temple's honorific mountain name is “Kinryuzan.” The principal image of the temple is Sho Kanzeon Bosatsu, or the Sacred Avalokitesvara, the bodhisattva of mercy and salvation, and it has been saving people for almost 1400 years. The temple originally belonged to the Tendai buddist sect, but later became independent after the end of World War II to become the head temple of the Sho Kannon sect. Because of the principal image being the Sho Kannon Bosatsu, the temple is commonly referred to as “Asakusa Kannon” or “Asakusa's Kannon-sama.” During the Great Tokyo Air Raid of 1945, most of the temple complex was burnt to the ground, except for the Niten Mon and Denpo-in, but the main building and the five-story pagoda were rebuilt after the war. The famous Kaminari Mon gate, with its iconic massive lantern, was also rebuilt in 1960 as a gift from Konosuke Matsushita, with steel-framed concrete construction. The approach to the temple, the Nakamise, is lined with shops selling the famous Kaminari Okoshi, fried manju, and the Ningyo Yaki. The temple is loved by many people with the number of visitors reaching approximately 30 million per year.

Post Code 1110032
Address 2-3-1 Asakusa Taito-ku Tokyo
Phone 03-3842-0181