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Suzuki Meat

This shop was established back in 1933. The current third-generation president decided introduce selling deli foods instead of just concentrating on selling wagyu beef. At Suzuki Meat, you can buy minced meat cutlet, a must for stroll around Yanaka. Their famous cutlets are known as “Genki Cutlets.” The meat blend and spice combinations have been adjusted over the years. The fying oil is changed three times a day. The cutlets will not make your stomach heavy. The minced meat used is from the leftovers from when they make the steak cuts for top grade A5 rank wagyu, so the cutlets will let you enjoy the rich juices of top quality meat. Why not go for a stroll around town with television-famous cutlet in your hand? By the way, there is a rival shop called “Sato Meat,” but we will save them for next time.

Post Code 1160013
Address 3-15-5 Nishinippori Arakawa-ku Tokyo
Phone 03-3821-4526
Hours 11:00~18:00
Holiday Mondays