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Nezu no Taiyaki

Taiyaki are fish-shaped cakes filled with red bean jam. This taiyaki shop in Nezu has been making the fish-shaped treats since 1957. Taiyaki here are made individually by skilled staff. Thinly-baked crunchy dough is filled generously with red bean jam made from azuki beans from Tokachi in Hokkaido. The store first started out as a branch location of Yanagiya, an old taiyaki shop in Ningyocho which first opened in 1916. Today, the shop has parted with Yanagiya and is now a self-standing operation. Even though the taiyaki here are not mass-produced in a mold like other shops, the price is kept low. They are only open until red bean jam for the day runs out so many stand in line even before the shop is open. Be sure to seize the opportunity if you only see a short line!

Post Code 1130031
Address 1-23-9-104 Nezu Bunkyo-ku Tokyo
Phone 03-3823-6277
Hours 10:30 ~* Limited Quantity
Holiday Closes every Tuesday and Friday* Irregular holidays