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Sato Meat

Sato Meat is said to be the pioneer of minced meat cutlets boom in Yanaka. They are one of the two giants of Yanaka minced meat cutlets, along with Suzuki Meat. With safety and peace of mind as their motto, Sato Meat's cutlets are made from top quality A5 ranked wagyu beef so just the juices from the meat alone give you all the taste that you need. The pricing is very reasonable so you may witness some customers go home with quite a lot of cutlets. The cutlets are deep fried to crunchy perfection and the juices flow out when you bite into them. How about one with you beer? So how do you tell Meat Sato and Meat Suzuki apart? Well, it must be the theme song for Antonio Inoki, a Japanese pro wrestler.

Post Code 1100001
Address 3-13-2 Yanaka Taito-ku Tokyo
Phone 03-3821-1764
Hours 10:00~19:30
Holiday Mondays