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Yanaka Matsunoya

Alumite products, zinc, rattan baskets... While these words may not sound familiar, these are types of products that you will find here at Yanaka Matsunoya. They carry simple everyday products from all over Japan and abroad. They are not mass produced and they are certainly not artistic products. Just plain and simple everyday products made by ordinary factories and craftsmen in the countryside are offered here at reasonable prices. The products not only have excellent usability, but they also have somewhat of nostalgic feel to them. The more you use them, better they get. These are what “tools” are all about. Also on their product line are some handmade accessories and fabric products, so this place is enjoyable for both men and women. Why not find a piece of product that fits you the best?

Post Code 1160013
Address 3-14-14 Nishinippori Arakawa-ku Tokyo
Phone 03-3823-7441
Hours 11:00〜19:00
Holiday Tuesdsays