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Funawa is a historic Japanese confectionery that opened in 1902. Back in those days, traditional yokan or the “neri yokan,” was very expensive and was out of reach for most people. Funawa's founder, Wasuke Kobayashi, a potato wholesaler from Kotobuki-cho, Asakusa, and a Japanese confectioner Sadakichi Ishikawa, also from Asakusa, decided to create an alternative. Setting their eyes on readily available sweet potatoes, they experimented with different varieties, steaming methods, and perfected the amount of sugar to come up with “imo yokan,” or the sweet potato yokan, Funawa's signature item. Following year in 1903, first ever “mitsumame” was served at Funawa in a modern Western-style silverware with cubed agar, apricot, “gyuhi,” and red peas, topped with a choice of white or black syrup. “Anko Dama,” or bean paste balls, with not-too-sweet bean paste surrounded by agar, are also very popular.

Post Code 1110032
Address 1-22-10 Asakusa Taito-ku Tokyo
Phone 03-3842-2781
Hours Mon - Fri10:00~19:00Sat9:30~20:00Sun&National holidays9:30~19:30
Holiday Open 7days a week