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Daikokuya is an old tempura restaurant that opened in 1887. Originally started as a soba restaurant at the current location of the main restaurant on the bustling Denpoin Street, the place was always busy, but barely made profit. Realizing that money was good when they sold many tempura soba, the owners decided to covert the eatery to specialize in tempura at the end of the Meiji period. Known for the rich broth that has been passed down since the soba restaurant days, “ebi ten-don,” or shrimp tempura bowl, is the number one seller on the menu with four large shrimp tempura deep fried in 100% premium sesame oil. The floor of the old wooden structure is tiled to create a retro-modern feel.

Post Code 1110032
Address 1-38-10 Asakusa Taito-ku Tokyo
Phone 03-3844-1111
Hours Mon - Fri & Sun11:10〜20:30Sat & National holidays11:10〜21:00
Holiday Open 7days a week