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In 1625, Great Priest Tenkai, who has been deeply trusted by the three first Shoguns of Edo Period, Ieyasu, Hidetada and Iemitsu, decided to protect the Edo Shogunate and its people by building Kaneiji-Temple in Ueno, which is located to the northeast of Edo Castle, a direction believed in Buddihsm to bring in bad omen. This was learnt from how the Great Priest Saicho provided protection to the old capitol of Kyoto by building Enryakuji Temple in Hieizan, also located to the northeast of Kyoto Palace. The temple is a headquarters of the Tendai sect of Buddihsm. The honorary mountain name of the temple id “Toeizan,” meaning Hieizan of the East. The principal image is the Yakushi Nyorai. In 1627, many structures such as Hokke-do, Jogyo-do, Tahou-to, Rinzo and Toshogu were built. Also in 1631, a five-story pagoda was erected, but most of them were lost during the fires in the Battle of Ueno. The current main hall was relocated in 1879 from Kawagoe-city, Saitama Prefecture, the place with strong ties with the Great Tenkai.

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